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Amini Roshandel Group - ARG wears many hard hats. We are a full service, take charge, contractor/subcontractor with a hard-earned reputation. We provide exceptional turnkey services and calculated answers; straight up.

We bring our experienced, licensed, insured workforce and state-of-the-art equipment to you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we take great pride in our skills. We are committed to providing you with excellent service, uncompromised safety, and unmatched quality. So kick back, take a load off and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Beyond an ambition, ARG and its group of companies is the culmination of years of in-depth practical experience, profound market knowledge and professional achievement. When I envisioned this establishment, I set out to create an organization that not only provides an unique set of services that are needed in the market, but one that helps enhance the quality of peoples' lives. I believe that in these trying times, it takes a partner of exceptional honesty; professionalism and dedication to bring forth a truly outstanding services so that helps benefit the entire community.

Challenging what is deemed possible is a crucial factor in professional success; and after working with some of the industry's finest minds and fortifying every facet of the organization with top tier quality, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive spectrum of services, ARG stands strong and ready to fulfill its goals and aspirations. I sincerely hope that the services provided here will help advance your goals and turn your needs into fruitful results.

We know that our customers have complex businesses that require sophisticated services. Our experience across all industries enables us to harness the best ideas, practices and solutions from both the public and private sectors, for the benefit of every client.

We are deeply committed, consistently inventive and determined to deliver. No job is too large for ARG, or too complex. ARG has the skills to handle intricate technical refinements one day, and the commitment to help you efficiently deliver a massive transformation project the next.

Our leadership is a result of our employees. They have made ARG one of the outstanding companies in our industry. Each of them brings diverse backgrounds and specialized disciplines to deliver the one thing that our customers want most - RESULTS.
ARG is prepared for the future and ready to help our clients compete, grow and innovate; if it's outstanding, on time, and on budget, it's ARG.

Truly Yours,
Roshandel, CEO


Core Services:
ARG is an unique Afghan owned company based in Kabul specializes in construction, technology, logistics, petroleum products, fuel distribution, Oil & Gas, Import & Export, general trading and consultancy. ARG also serves as the national authorized distributor for US, Canada and UK manufactured fire and safety equipment companies, in addition ARG is linked with the US Surety Companies for providing the Performance and Payment Bonds for the US Government construction projects in Afghanistan.

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