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Let our masters build your business.
At the ARG Business Support Service we believe in being as flexible as possible for business owners. If you wish to improve your business performance and are looking to identify potential providers of quality business advice delivered by business specialists then we can offer you a choice of over twenty business support services. These solutions are the support services we offer, delivered by business specialists and on call to meet your business’ needs. When you meet your business adviser you will be able to decide whether to address one specific part of your business performance shortfall/opportunity with a fully scoped out project plan to be delivered by a business specialist or whether to take advantage of our service, which can be used by any of our business advisers not just one.
ARG Business Support covers all A-Z service to the investors, founders, companies and individuals from the business plan to the implementation of the project.
Here in ARG you can meet a group of talented staff that can help you in every step of organization plan, design, analysis, implantation and support. We have specialties in making Business plan, pre-feasibility studies, business surveys, market researches, investors’ relations, system developments and all business aspects.
Innovations can help you to achieve your goals soon as possible.
We provide cost effective business support services delivered by business specialists. These result in tangible, measurable, benefits to your business.
• Hands on support from business specialists
• Business advice tailored to the needs of your business
• Expert pragmatic business guidance for your key operational activities
• Strategic reviews of the key business performance functions in your organization
• Access to additional specialist business information and support sources, including funding
System Development Services
ARG is a multi-disciplined development company that can help you with department and system development services
We also offer our ultimate and professional package for the enterprises and organizations those whose demand and expectation is positioning at the top quality in addition the we moves toward the international standard of experience to perform the top notch operation.
 Top Quality, Innovative Art Works & Design
 Business & System Development
 Marketing & Branding
 Manpower & Recruiting Services
 High Quality Printing
 Consultancy
 Capacity building
 Staffing & Development
 Organization Assessment
 Property for Sale
 Business on sale
 Business Matchmaking
 Opportunities Marketing
Business & System Development
 Feasibility Studies
 Concept Plan
 Business Plan
 Strategic Plan
 Case Studies
 Promotional Package
o Website
o Profile
o Fact Sheet
o Proposals
o Catalogue
o Brochure. Letter, Memos. Reports …
 System Development
o Administration , Management
o Marketing
o Finance, Account , Procurement
o Project Management
 Market Survey
 Psycho-graphic Segmentation
 Pricing Strategy
 Advertising & Promotion
 Socio Marketing
 PR/Publicity
 Financial Accounting
 Advanced Accounting
 Managerial Accounting
 Marketing and Business development
 Management
 Human Resource Management
 Public Relations
 Leadership
 Strategic Management
 Project Management
 Time Management
 Knowledge Management
 English Language
o Special Grammar
o Pronunciation & Speaking
 Computer Programs
o ICDL test Preparation
o Quick Book & Peachtree
o Primavera Project planner
o Vector and Raster Designing
o Office Package
o Web Designing

Office & Infrastructure Development
 Office Supply & Purchasing
 Office Setup & Decoration
 Office Networking and Security Systems
 Fire Protection Systems

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