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our goal is to be your go-to team to solve your problems with best-in-breed solutions in asset tracking and remote monitoring. Our team is among the best in the communications industry in this field. Our staff helped invent the system; has been involved in building and deploying satellite systems for decades; and has a history and a background in the best cutting edge satellite Machine to Machine technologies that exist today.

Our goal is to bring these solutions to you and to spread the benefit of these technologies to organizations that couldn't access them in the past.
We are a company that cares deeply about our connection to the world around us. Our employees have a passion for causes and organizations dear to their hearts, and we are committed to their having the time and energy to give back to the communities where we do business.
And, we are a company that strives to stay one step ahead: of business trends, market conditions, and competition. For example, we were among the first in our category to develop offshore resources, and now our Centers of Excellence. Staying one step ahead is good for our clients, our consultants, and our community.

Data Network
The ARG system uses the GPS network of satellites to obtain a precise location for your equipment. Any other data can be measured with sensors built into the field hardware.

It then uses a second set of commercial satellites to relay that information from anywhere on the planet to specially equipped satellite ground station facilities and to your desktop via secure internet link. Each unique message is relayed multiple times through multiple satellites to multiple ground stations, resulting in a very high level of overall reliability.

To make it possible to track all your assets, the next generation ARG hardware and service is as low-cost, low-power, small, and reliable as possible. Unlike other satellite systems, it takes the complexity out of the field hardware and puts it in the satellite system, the ground communications network, and the web-based software. The service costs are among the lowest in the industry due to the system's innovative ability to share spectrum with voice calls and high bandwidth data.
The Right Satellite Network for Your Needs

the ARG system uses a carefully selected commercial “Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Constellation”, which offers substantial benefits over commonly used Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites or other LEO constellations. Benefits include lower power, reduced transmission delay, less shadowing from buildings or hills, increased reliability, and lower cost.

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