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Construction & Engineering

We provide a wide range of survey, design & Build, horizontal & vertical construction and engineering services including roads, buildings, general construction, force protection, equipment supply, portable asphalt, bitumen and concrete batch plants, and material supply.

ARG has proven itself to have capacity to do projects on an international scale and welcomes large and challenging projects throughout Afghanistan.

We offer accredited, professional Electrical & Architectural Design services in the areas of: Residential, commercial and industrial estates, etc.

ARG has been providing construction services with the history of services to the various communities from paving driveways to major highways and runways contracts, our crews are fully equipped to handle any sized project. We also own and operate aggregate, asphalt, concrete and ready mix concrete plants, enabling us to better serve our clients.

Our branches operate as a stand –alone business, supported by the resources of one of the largest heavy civil contractors in the country. The multidimensional approach enables ARG to meet your projects needs in a timely, cost effective manner in an environment of safety and quality. As residents of the communities we work in, we are community minded and people oriented. Our employees participate in many educational and youth programs as well as community service organization.

Today our experienced team of project personal ,large fleet of modern equipment and a ready supply of quality construction materials are solidly positioned to help our client capitalize on opportunities and remain competitive ,no matter how large or how small the project is you can expect the same outstanding results with quality service and fair price. We invite you to put ARG ingenuity and performance to work on your next project.

Mining We act as a strategic partner in the mining industry, providing testing, and technology and trade solutions. Our services promote growth and deliver efficiencies across exploration, production, industrial applications, decommissioning and closure. We offer technical advice in steel manufacturing processes and act as a strategic partner in coal and coke trading. We also help to maximize profits in precious or base metal mining or extraction through our international partners. Our consultancy services deliver transparent and unbiased support in new technologies and accurate data to track the progress of projects

Capabilities -- Our company realizes that to be better we must recruit and develop employees that have skills

The people at ARG are the reason for the success of the company. We're proud to have qualified and professional engineers on our staff. Our reputation attracts the highest quality personnel, hard-working people who are committed to producing projects that set a standard for excellence. Integrity, innovation and sophistication in constructing a quality project have earned the company high respect throughout the construction industry. We believe that integration on the cross-national level is the only way to help to developing countries to build strong economics.

The engineering and management staff of the company is a mixture a talented and experienced people who are skilled in various aspect of the construction business. We are trying to choose our people among the ones who can adapt themselves to our corporate principles which aim to serve the welfare of a developing nation.
ARG has mastered the delicate art of concurrent phasing, which calls for overlapping the design, engineering and construction processes to accelerate completion. Often this means preparing construction documents as land acquisition is finalized and ordering long-lead time materials before the design documents have been finalized. The result is early delivery and cost savings.

Department of civil is responsible for measurements, estimations, strength related calculations of already designed buildings, dams, highways, roads, parks, etc. and over viewing for better implementation of the projects. Commercial scrutiny and market studding to understand the possibility and success of new constructional methods with new material in our country.

Design Department of our company is responsible for national and international governmental and Non-governmental organizations to design buildings (schools, labs, hospitals and etc.) security walls, highways, dams, water supply projects according to the client's request in relation to its technical necessities.

Electronics department of our company is responsible for supply, installation, testing, and commissioning and project management for separate electrical works.
This department has capability of supplying electronics and fulfillment of electricity preparing projects according to sanitations of the area (water generate electricity, diesel generators installation and wind generated electricity.
Survey department is consisted of qualified foreign and Afghan engineers with much work experience in all parts of Afghanistan.

Most of our work is for repeated clients. Project tracking and reporting procedures to any level required by the client, including digital photography and videotaping, completion status and close-out procedures.
• Diversification on project, honesty and hard work, maintain quality/service that built our reputation. Flexibility and creative atmosphere for innovative project implementation.
• Quality construction at the most economical cost within the Client's time frame.
• Problem anticipation to avoid costly solutions.
• Safety sensitive to ensure that all job conditions adhere to the Deerfield.
• Site logistic programs for smooth material handling, storage, access and Cleanliness to minimize disruptions.

• Grading & Paving
• Site Development/Earth Moving
• Excavation/Demolition & MINING
• Structures/Bridges
• Underground/Utilities
• Commercial Sites
• Subdivisions
• Infrastructure
• Roads
• Driveways
• Parking Lots
• Decorative Landscape/Retaining Walls
• Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, Slabs
• Asphalt Sealing and Resurfacing
• Pavement Maintenance
• Slurry Seal/Chip Seal
Building Construction
• Homes
• Apartment Complexes
• Offices
• Commercial Centers
• Force Protection
• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Masonry
• Roofing
• Dry walling
• Floor Covering
• Glass and Glazing
• Painting
Design Build & Construction:
y Schools
y Hospitals
y Clinics
y Barracks y Housing y Hotels
y Roads & Bridges
y Prefabricated modular units

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