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ARG has developed a cost estimating system that is the result of years of work experience in the different fields and cost control experience. As the design progresses, our team works with the architect to prepare detailed estimates of cost based on take-offs of actual material quantities, input from various technical consultants, and examination of current market prices. Our process gives the owner the opportunity to have design documents that are developed in accordance with the owner’s budget. Our firm’s proven ability to monitors cost and to provide critical value-analysis recommendations has gained ARG an industry-wide reputation of being able to deliver projects on time and within budget.

ARG establish a price / budget for the project before the first dollar is spent for project and submits a line item cost analysis to the owner prior to dispute.

Financial Responsibility

Responsibility for the financial result is the bottom line of ARG’s operations. The company’s objective is to grow profitably and develop its operations with an eye in the long term.

Financial, social and environmental responsibility dovetails at ARG. Financially profitable operations enable the company to develop its approach to social and environmental perspectives in the long run. On the other hand, achieving long-term profitability requires taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of operations.

We intend to rack up good earnings through fair play.

Financial Stability - ARG financial stability is demonstrated by the total project contract value the company has executed within the last few months of operations.

In the last few months ARG has successfully supported the implementation of projects.

In addition, ARG has financially supported administrative, logistics, and technical staff and operations and having three regional offices.

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