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Data Base

Although easy to over look people are the most important part of Information System, our lives are touched everyday by computers and information systems so ARG’s ICT expert team handles on experience with the latest technology ensures our commitment to help customers
ARG s expert team support you to find your way to choose the best; preparing for future it is your world and to adapt the business environment of tomorrow.
We use ICT to generate organization and individual Horsepower, and to creating vision for a new way to do business.
Decision support and artificial intelligence (Brain power for your business)
• Emerging technology
• Planning for IT system
• Developing IT system
• Managing IT System
• Privacy and security
• Large databases
• Private networks
• Web/internet.
ARG has state-of-the-art facilities to deliver software development projects which provide cost effective and quality solutions for all your business enhancement needs.
The technical solution delivery team at ARG understands the application requirements thoroughly, prepares the architecture, develops, tests and finally implements the solution in your business environment.
We rely on standard software development practices and employ rigorous test to ensure error-free delivery, ARG has deep expertise in all stage of a products lifecycle and knowledge of the requisite critical success factors that go into the making of quality software release.
The domain expertise available at ARG allows us to develop scalable and flexible application architecture .for every area of development that we provide software services for, we bring a specific methodology, proven processes, and a solid track record. We make sure that the solutions we deliver are robust, scalable and cost-effective and thus unmatched in its lass.
A major contributing factor of our success is our core domain knowledge along with our team of ambitious and energized professionals. We embrace the best practices in the industry while strictly adhering to follow quality processes
• Content management system
• Offshore software development
• Custom software deployment
• Application software development
• Browsers
• Word processors
• Spread sheets
• Data management system
• Presentation /graphics
• Software suites
• Data base engineering /management
• Data organization
• DBM system
• Individual
• Company or shared
• Distributive
• Proprietary
• Web data bases
• System integration
• CBI system
o Executive support system (ESS)
o Decision support system (DSS)
o Management information system (MIS)
o Transaction processing system (TPS)
o ERP solution
• System software
o Utilities
o Device driver
o Language translators

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