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Energy & Power

Our multi-disciplined staff comprises engineers, economic and financial analysts, procurement and IT specialists, and socio-economists, that provide a broad range of professional engineering and consulting services, in addition ARG is partnered with a Russian Energy & Power joint stock company with incredible experience in the field for great number of years.

Over the years, renewable energy, clean or “green” energy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility have become primary business concerns, with a measurable impact on each of the stakeholders in all types of businesses. ARG takes a budget and business-friendly approach to renewable power that brings sustained economic benefit while ensuring environmentally friendly Energy Infrastructures. From the renewable fuels generated from landfill gas and biomass to wind and solar power, ARG provides renewable energy solutions that allow organizations to capitalize on the most current energy technologies available. ARG has both the flexibility and creativity from its experienced team of engineers to work with a variety of products and services to create optimized energy management programs for its customers.

The company has interdisciplinary team of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, technical specialists and economists. We use global know-how, expertise and the innovative spirit of our specialists to provide services as an independent consultant in a number of sectors and markets. We offer clients a broad spectrum of technical services, economically and environmentally sound solutions as well as strategic advice.

ARG Electrical Contracting is an independent company with extensive experience of providing strategic, economic and engineering consultancy services in energy markets around the world. By combining in-depth engineering knowledge of the energy supply chain with business and regulatory expertise, ARG Electrical is ideally positioned to provide clients with analysis and advice on:
The ARG Electrical consultancy approach is designed to meet the needs of the power networks manager.
ARG Electrical provides an extensive range of technical and commercial consultancy services in this area, and has experience of working with developers of products such as micro-turbines, fuel cells and small-scale (heat and power) CHP plant.
Strategic Technology Program a collaborative program of technical information, development and research to assist Electricity Companies worldwide to achieve best in class performance in power distribution.

Asset Management Solutions from ARG Electrical result from a completely confidential working partnership with clients. The Technical Services team develops and provides technically advanced services to owners and operators of electrical distribution networks worldwide.
Provides comprehensive technical support and consultancy on underground cable networks operating across the voltage ranges.

ARG Traffic Systems offers services, right from identification of projects to implementation of traffic control systems including feasibility studies, development of traffic circulation plans, junction geometric design, manufacturing and installation of traffic signals, development of optimum signal timings and their implementation. ARG is the only organization of its kind that has a full-fledged traffic-engineering group.
Provide accurate assessment provide accurate assessment of switchgear condition using expert knowledge.
Provide accurate assessment on transformer’s condition using expert knowledge such as:
• Condition assessment of transformers.
• Condition monitoring of transformers.
• Thermal assessment of transformers.
Engineering activates
- Demand evaluation.
- System specification and requirement definition.
- System design.
- System supplying.
- System integration.
Project Management
- Resources management.
- Documents management.
- Issuing progress report and follow up management.
- Coordination of different activities.

We also do fabrication works as per International standards through our associates. We assure you that if you give us the opportunity to work for you, surely we will satisfy and exceed your expectation in the Quality of Design, Drawing and the on-time delivery of the documents.

Since establishment, it works in construction of Road/Building, Bridge, Canals, Survey, and Design, irrigation, agricultures, machinery, logistic and material supply. ARG quickly built a reputation for integrity, teamwork and commitment, ARG provides the experience to meet the challenge of everyone’s construction concerns: cost, quality, time and aesthetic values.
Our marketing and development support will inspire your inner confidence and make you feel better like you never did before.

We strive to develop sense of cooperation between client and our team, offering a balance of leadership and responsiveness to bring our project to fruition. Our experience covers a wide variety of construction work; engineering and machinery supply and we seek to set the standard in our field. ARG have a depth of experience and the ability to complete all types of construction work over seen by professional & experienced technical & managerial staff.
ARG have implemented many Road, Building, Machinery & Logistic projects with the United Nations, PRTs, Creative Associates Inc., US Army, BAF, ICRC, Afghan Government and other international organizations in the past.
We are here to give full support to our clients at all the time and achieve your goals, cultivate more friendships and earn more wealth then you ever realized in your life.
ARG staff and consultants are professionally and practically qualified to undertake all kinds of construction, reconstruction, irrigation, electronics, logistics and many other projects as surveys, design, consultation in planning/designing and development of projects in all kinds in every discipline as follows:
• Construction of water supply system;
• Traffic Systems / Rail projects implementation;
• Wastewater disposal and treatment projects;
• Arch Span (K-Span) projects;
• Structural engineering & construction projects;
• Transport engineering & construction projects;
• Technical survey of all Construction section;
• Environmental protection and renewable energies;
• Signal engineering& construction telecommunication;
• Own / Landscape Planning and Infrastructure Planning;
• Supply of skilled labors for construction works with having DBA insurance;

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