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Operation Maintenance

The Group plays an integral role in providing essential Humanitarian and Military Life Support services such as:
• Catering and Dining Facilities and Operations
• Waste Removal Services
• Water Treatment Facilities Services
• Generator and Electrical Services, including HVAC, Refrigeration, Hot Water
• Fire Protection Equipment and Services
• Mass Transient and Bus and Taxi Services
• Vehicle Maintenance and Vehicle Recovery Services
• Armory and Ammunition
• Facility Maintenance and Operations Services
• Training in all areas listed under this Sub-Heading
• Real Property Inventory (RPI)
• Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
• Computer Aided Facility Management (
• Janitorial/Cleaning
• O&M Manuals
• Historic Buildings Operations & Maintenance
• Camp construction and maintenance
• Fuel depot construction and fuel supply
• Messing facilities
• Acquisition of permits and liaising with local authorities and agricultural departments to facilitate seismic operations
• Sourcing of certified experienced personnel
• Waste management services
• All-inclusive accommodation
• Organization and hosting of training courses
• Shaded and open areas for storage
• Loading/off-loading support and special handling
We can offer Afghanistan manufacturers an ability to provide their other country based clients a JIT (Just in time) facility. This is an ideal solution providing local representation without incurring the financial costs associated with setting up a dedicated facility of your own


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