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Connectivity, The wireless , & Communication system
We are the leading provider of mission-critical technology services to wireless telecommunications companies worldwide, ARG solutions simplify technology complexities by integrating disparate carriers. systems & networks in order to provide seamless global voice and data telecommunications to wireless subscribers.
Carriers depend on ARG integrated suite of services to solve their most complex technology challenges and to interoperability, network services, GRX.CRX,SCCP gateway and IP technologies, ARG provides translation and routing services for wireless calls and data transaction.
o Sat solution
o Network solution
o Architecture (configuration, strategies)
o LAN und WAN, DSL via Modem/ISDN/DSL
• Comfort Transport services
• IBM PC Text
• Harvard Graphics
• Invisible NETWORK Database services
• text (Professional text)
o Next generation & WI-FI services
Enterprise network solution
o IP services
o Roaming and sentiment scullions
o Fraud management services
o Mobile data solution services
VOIP and FOIP services
Internet (web) & E-commerce (E-Business)
Internet and web access (providers, browser)
Search tools (search engine, Meta engine)
Web utilities (Telnet, FTP, Plug-ins, Filters)
Organizational internet (Intranets, Extranets, Firewalls)
Communication channel
o Wireless
o Data transmission (Bandwidth ,Protocols)
o Communication (email ,discussion groups)

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