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Performance & Payment Surety Security Bond:

ARG has successfully sourced Guarantees and Bonds for the Construction Industry in Afghanistan since 2011.

We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and ability indeed to understand our client’s needs. With so many underwriters of Surety providers, we are in a position to accommodate almost any of your Bonding requirements for Construction Projects in Afghanistan.

Many Contractors and Subcontractors rely on their Bank to provide Construction Bonds and financial guarantees. Unfortunately the Bank takes real asset security in the form of 100% cash collateral which reduces the Contractors facilities in order to provide their service. This in many cases restricts the Contractor obtaining new contracts because of reduced working capital.

Some guarantee companies require the contractor to place full cash deposits or hold a percentage of stage payments that are due to the Contractor, this again reduces cash flow. In most cases ARG is able to place Bond requirements without the above-mentioned restrictions, even short trading histories may be considered.

We can now offer support and have successfully arranged bonding requirements on behalf of Construction Contractors in Afghanistan, undertaking rebuilding and infrastructure works for the benefit of the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)

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