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Fuel & Gas Services

Oil & Gas – Access to independent expertise in both the upstream and downstream sectors is key to maximizing the value chain in this sector. Our customers in the oil and gas industry trust our dedication to quality and safety. We provide tailored solutions for exploring, extracting, refining, transporting and marketing oil, oil sands, gas, or other hydrocarbons.

Our specialist advice and knowledge supports upstream activities such as applied mineralogy, metering, measuring and hydrocarbons allocation. Our downstream services support distribution and retail as well as the design and execution of optimization processes and global trade inspection.

We are trader of a wide range of oil & gas field machineries/equipment and related products and also have the experience, resources and capability to source out products within and outside the Afghanistan & U.A.E.

We also have an excellent reputation and cooperation with a large number of manufacturers, refineries and suppliers around the globe.

We   strive   to   meet   our   customers’ expectations by   providing sourcing solutions, competitive prices timely deliveries and being a support until the customer satisfaction is complete.

Our motto is to compete continually in order to improve our standard of service and quality of products, to keep our customers happy.

As a fuel supplier in Afghanistan or outside of Afghanistan, ARG provides only the best and highest standard quality fuel. We can provide our clients with aviation, D2, Mazut, Heavy / Light Crude Oils, TC-1/TS-1, Jet-A1, diesel and gasoline fuel with or without transportation to required destinations. ARG also can transport a client’s fuel from a designated point of origin to a specified destination. Operations are overseen by our highly qualified supervisors and site managers to guarantee distribution throughout the provinces inside Afghanistan where having the skills and infrastructure to access the remote areas of Afghanistan are imperative.

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Fuel Services

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