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In essence, a project can be captured on paper with few simple elements: a start date, an end date, tasks that have to be carried out and when they should be finished, and some idea of the resources (personnel, equipment, etc.) that will be needed during the course of the projects. Project Management is not only about planning, but also about human attributes, like leadership and motivation.
There are many project planning and scheduling programs that can provide real time information, as well as linking to risk analysis, time recording, costing estimating, and other aspects of project control. Clients want their projects to be on time, meet quality objectives, and not cost more than the budget. These form the classic time, quality, cost triangle.
The managing Principal coordinates (Problem, Purpose and Strategies with Proven Team)
• We approach problems and opportunities as a team
• We formulate and execute winning strategies
• We mobilize all of the firm's resources and senior leaders on behalf of each client
• We offer experienced technical expertise in all Project modes
• We provide access to key Organization decision-makers
We maintain excellent positive working relationships with current Members of Donors, government executive branch officials and key staff at all levels.
• Local Presence
• Excellent Training Methodology
• Excellent Training Team
• Professional Administrative Team
• A Competitive Finance and Reporting System
• Using KISS and SMART Method formats
These processes can be placed into following process groups:
• Initiating
• Planning
• Develop & Promote
• Executing
• Controlling
• Closing out
Project Management is concerned with the overall planning and coordination of a project from inception to completion, aimed at meeting the client’s requirements and ensuring completion on time, within cost, and to required quality standards. Project Management is typically carried out either by private consultants or employees of the project client. In Project Management, communicating is everything. Monitoring progress, receiving early warning of danger, promoting cooperation, and to motivate through team involvement are all examples that rely upon communication

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