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ARG is a full logistics, transport & General trading Company with many branches inside and outside of Afghanistan, provide services in all over the country especially in war zone and risky area.  Our focuses are on after-sales support activities such as repair, refurbishment.

Now  ARG proud of  being known as dedicated, timely and qualitative service provider in Afghanistan, Company continually strive to broaden and expand our operations and services to all aspects of Transport. Equipped with over years of experience in transportation industry and constantly achieving our goals of rendering efficient and professional services to and adding on to our impressive clients.

We offer a complete Returns Management /Reverse Logistics Solution for Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors, and Dealers and our management team all has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their specialty within the logistic field.

The successful movement, transfer, performance and completion of these tasks, to the satisfaction of all concerned, are the crux of procurement and logistics. ARG has the experience, relationships, network, procedures and control points in place for a smooth, efficient, error-free, timely execution of any task. Whether our clients’ needs are local or involve import and export expertise, they can go about their business without an increase in their blood pressure or stress levels.

ARG GROUP provides procurement for products, equipment, parts and accessories for all of our regularly supported services. Additionally through the application of proven sourcing procedures and working in connection with our worldwide network of contacts in numerous fields and industries, often we are also able to locate and successfully negotiate the acquisition of a client’s request. Before committing to a supplier on behalf of one of our clients, ARG GROUP performs an evaluation and reports our findings to our client.

ARG is experienced and familiar with the regulations and procedures inherent to the import and export of product in the Middle East and Asia. ARG GROUP also has storage and warehousing facilities which can be utilized for supply and inventory management or staging areas depending on the circumstances surrounding a client’s specific order requirements. Our clients can take advantage of our consulting services throughout the whole supply chain. ARG GROUP will draw upon its resources for the development and implementation of IT solutions, product tracking, and stock rotation to freight forwarding in support of our clients


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