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Quality Control

ARG looks quality as mandatory to produce end products and services. We have Contractor Quality Control system in place and on action in every project site. All the quality audits are conducted by our independent professionals working in our group as separate division reporting directly to our Program Manager and having direct access to our project management committee. Our project management committee (PMC) is an independent body formed with experts in their respective field. The main function of the PMC is to monitor and review project performance and planning for corrective & follow-up actions.
To give Quality Management Program that puts our team to be experts to provide service satisfaction. Our success is mainly due to the dedication of a highly skilful team, wherein our main asset. We value their contribution and will always continue to invest in developing the skills of our team.
Our company has a fully equipped laboratory at site for each project under a senior qualified control engineer. Regular inspections and quality Audits are Carried out both at sites and head office for quality assurance. We have been to achieve construction quality of the highest order in our projects and our company’s growth bears testimony to our quality standards and our client's and donor's satisfaction levels.
The most important thing we build is relationships. Over the years, we have forged lasting, mutually rewarding alliances with clients, real estate brokers, architects and engineers. Time and again, they come back to us for experienced consultation, quality work, responsive service and attention to detail.
The quality system complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2000, Quality management systems-Requirements.
This manual provides comprehensive evidence to all customers, suppliers and employees of what specific controls are implemented to ensure product/service quality.
This manual also governs the creation of quality related documents. It will be revised, as necessary, to reflect the quality system currently in use. It is issued on a controlled copy basis to all internal functions affected by the quality system and on an uncontrolled copy basis to customers and suppliers. It may be issued to customers on a controlled copy basis upon customer request.
ARG long-term business strategy targets the infrastructure reconstruction in Afghanistan/Iraq; hence, ARG has a special incentive to maximize quality on the Site project. On the one hand, we understand how essential an effective quality management approach is to delivering a superior product to the client.
On the other hand, we recognize that our success has a direct benefit to our Afghan staff in the near term and, in the long term, opens the field for more Afghan companies to gain access to these reconstruction and development opportunities.


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