Amini Roshandel Group - ARG

A Quality Response to your needs.


ARG has fused together the collective expertise of Western educated professionals with local technicians and engineers to coordinate and direct a large skilled and eager local labor force.

ARG adopt international management procedures that weekly and monthly meeting regarding the progress of the works as well as we discuss about every department needs and problems.

The company has a very well experienced office and field staff. Our experts have the capabilities of planning, estimating and analyzing various types of big/small projects and the abilities of practicing and exercising those projects in the field. ARG reviews all contract documents carefully, and, the management implements the same systematically, ensuring quality performance, all over, for the most satisfaction of the client of the client.

All works are completed with the necessary guarantee of the raw materials and workmanship. This team brings to the organization years of collective experience in handling most intricate projects. With the expertise acquired on various areas over the years, we are confident and committed to serve our clients to their fullest satisfaction.

ARG dynamic and compelling corporate management and administrative staff are dedicated to the attainment of our clients' objectives and goals. The expansive and diverse backgrounds of our team of professionals allow us to implement unique and creative solutions for every client.


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