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Supply Chain Management
Making the process of freight forwarding by sea, rail or road as productive and efficient as possible is the goal of any logistics service. Our customers look to us for innovative solutions for plant and terminal operations. We provide international customs data exchange and support cargo, vessel and import controls with interconnected processes.
Our services assist import and export controls, terminal manning and weighbridge management services. We streamline our customers’ operations through our audit, certification and training services in order to improve efficiencies.
Whether locally, nationally through Afghanistan we can manage supply chains to accelerate product movement. This not only allows us to reduce costs it also enables you to concentrate fully on your core business.
Your supply chain can be managed partially or completely. We often find our customers use us on and limited basis and as their confidence grows in our abilities our responsibilities are broadened. Our dedication to add value to the services we provide will make this a natural process.
Warehouse Management
Operating from our strategically located warehouse in Afghanistan in many provinces.
Same Day Deliveries
Not usually demanding the same level of high dependency as an express courier service, we are able to provide a competitive same day delivery service on all sizes of vehicles throughout the Afghanistan.
Next Day/Three Day Deliveries
We deliver hundreds of consignments daily through our next day and three day services. We do not use a hub or delivery depot network and maintain the same level of control as provided in our same day services.
Non-Standard Goods
We welcome consignments of odd shapes and sizes that many pallet networks either cannot handle or levy very high charges. Because we deliver in dedicated vehicles, the likelihood of damage is very much reduced.
Transportation & Shipping Services
(Air Freight, Ground, Intermodal, Local/International, Ocean Freight, Rail, Refrigeration, Urban/Rural)

ARG knows getting your goods & materials to your clients in an efficient and timely manner as well as receiving your own shipments on time is of paramount importance. Not delivering on promises to your clients, superiors and support staff can irreparably damage future relationships and negotiations. Unreliable transport of goods & materials can result in the delay of project completion, costly overruns, and expensive replacement of materials, as well as create an unfavorable impression of you and your organization.

Handling the transportation needs for the shipping & receiving of our clients’ goods & materials is an important task which ARG GROUP undertakes with great pride, professionalism, attention to detail and a success- oriented, single-mindedness of purpose. Whether through the use of its own personnel and equipment, or by working with carefully selected partner companies, ARG is your choice to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

ARG owns a comprehensive fleet of vehicles for the movement of our clients’ goods and materials. In order to fulfill any requirements necessary, we also have the financial wherewithal to purchase or lease additional vehicles on short notice should our fleet size be insufficient due to assignment on other projects. Our clients can select from a wide choice of services and combinations that best fit their needs, schedule and budget
ARG have the facilities of goods transportation in all Afghanistan with the complete and Experience security team, we also have the potential of supplying all types of different items and materials through national and international sources, to different parts of the country as required. We are enabled to lease and sell equipment, machineries, and brand new and used vehicles of good qualify in any quantity
ARG Service Company Provides all types of fuels that are required in Military purposes such as Diesel and Gasoline Etc... .Our transportation unit has been spread upon trust of our client within country and abroad. Our services are based on customer demand as per their requirements and requests. We provide transportation services all over Afghanistan for any kind of Governmental & non-governmental organizations.
ARG Believes in the philosophy that “success comes through leadership, though vision planning and Executive”.
1. Fuels Trucks
2. Goods Trucks
3. Crane Services
4. Trucks & Trailers Services
5. Bus Facilities
6. Lease of Armored / Soft Skin vehicles

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