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Team Responsibility

Good Performance Through Fair Play
Corporate responsibility is the sum of three areas that support each other: Financial, Social and Environmental responsibilities. ARG operates responsibly fosters the well-being of its customers, employees, shareholders and other interested groups, and shoulders its responsibility for the environment. Our operations are based on the mission, operational concept, strategy and values of the company. In addition, the changing needs of society and our interested groups are taken into consideration in our operations. We comply with international, national and local laws and agreements concerning good performance throughout fair play.

Our operations are socially, financially and environmentally sustainable.
Responsibility is part and parcel of our day-to-day business operations at all levels of the Group. By operating responsibly, we generate benefits and well being.

Path of ARG’s Responsibility Strategy
The Group’s business segments jointly defined ARG’s principles of corporate responsibility, encompassing the whole Group. Our goal is for all employees to adopt the principles of corporate responsibility in their activities. To mobilize the principles in day-to-day operations, ARG will establish shared operating models for corporate responsibility, specify development objectives and set the target levels and benchmarks that are to be tracked.

Environmental Responsibility
Respecting nature, culture and living environments is an integral element of our core mission as a company that builds, develops and maintains a good living environment. We develop the energy efficiency of our solutions and services and of our customers’ processes. We make eco-efficient use of natural resources in our own operations – materials and energy. We process the resulting wastes appropriately. We pay heed to the life-cycle management of our products. We intend to lengthen the life cycle from the cradle to the cradle – giving used materials a new lease in life. A service chain that extends from design and implementation to maintenance provides opportunities for life-cycle management. We seek to prevent environmental damage through risk management.

Social Responsibility
ARG aims to be the most desirable employer in its fields of business. We wish to provide our employees with interesting job tasks and opportunities to hone their professional skills engage in job rotation and pursue career advancement. Our employees can expect flexible solutions, opportunities to participate and have a say in how things are done, an encouraging management culture and competitive benefits.

Our goal is to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our employees. We make outlays on occupational safety, health and work enjoyment. At ARG, employees are treated equitably. We value long employment relationships. We comply with employment contracts and the provisions of collective agreements.

We do not permit illegal operations, such as the use of black market, child or forced labor. We object to cartels, the restriction of competition and bribery.

We engage in social dialogues and participate in development projects both at the national level and in our field of business. Cooperation with the public sector, organizations, local communities and educational institutions comprises a resource that supports our operations.

The entertainment provided by ARG is not unduly lavish. Sponsorships are part of the company’s marketing communications. The principles of responsibility are complied with in sponsorships.

We bear our responsibility for our products and services with a view to creating a better living environment and generating added value for our customers. We continuously develop the quality, functionality and durability of our products and services, always putting the customer first.

Day-to-day Business Responsibilities
The aim of responsible business operations is to safeguard the continuity of operations and lay a foundation for the future. Our long-term operations hinge on shouldering our responsibilities for the financial, social and environmental effects of our operations.

Our aim is for all our employees to be committed to responsible business operations.
Means of understanding the concept of responsibility and how to realize it in day-to-day business operations are: shared principles, developing operating models, personnel training, specifying responsibilities and authority, risk management, keeping track of operations and reacting to deviations.

We provide not only our employees, but also our suppliers with guidelines on how to operate in accordance with the principles of corporate responsibility. We both act and learn with our partners in matters of responsibility, too. We help our customers to choose sustainable solutions. Our operations are transparent.

Our goal is that our responsible operations will generate benefits and well-being for our interest groups. Our personnel’s well-being is fostered by stable employment relationships and financial security, work enjoyment, good personnel policy, equality, self-improvement and career advancement opportunities, and outlays on occupational health and safety.

Our customers also reap the benefits of our responsible approach: seamless cooperation, deliveries that measure up to our promises, responsibility for solutions and services, the management of product life-cycles, risk management, a focus on the customer and coming up with new solutions.

Shareholders benefit from good earnings, dividends, share price trend, risk management and a long-term approach. Material suppliers and service providers benefit from financial stability, long-term cooperation with selected partners, compliance with agreements and mutual development of operations. We improve the well-being of society through tax revenues, the construction, development and maintenance of well-functioning infrastructure, compliance with laws and regulations, and participation in social dialogues and development efforts with the authorities and organizations.

The activities of local communities are promoted by cooperation and interaction, local development, taking local features into account, new solution models, and the construction, development and maintenance of a pleasant and sustainable living environment.
Our responsible approach to operations serves the media, as we provide them with factual, transparent and up-to-date information.


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