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Vehicle Services

(Sales, Leasing, Parts & Maintenance)          

ARG owns or has access to a complete fleet of vehicles from trucks and trailers to heavy construction equipment to armored vehicles. Have a short term need? We can arrange a lease. For leases from 6 – 24 months in duration, ARG GROUP will contract to purchase vehicles and equipment not in our inventory for our clients if desired. If a client’s needs are for 12 months or longer, perhaps a vehicle purchase would be more cost effective. Whatever the need – one vehicle, two hundred or more – ARG GROUP has the resources to provide the right vehicle, for the right purpose, for the right terms.

Of course ARG GROUP has the qualified personnel available to perform all required maintenance, service and repair for any of its leased vehicles. Through careful inventory control and regularly scheduled maintenance, ARG is able to limit the downtime for any of its leased vehicles.

We can supply on-site service and repair, or arrange for pick-up and provide drop-off when the scheduled service or repair is completed. Maintenance programs are optionally available with all vehicle purchases from ARG. After a complete inspection and determination of the running condition by an ARG GROUP qualified mechanic, we will contract for maintenance and repair service for vehicles not leased or purchased from ARG. You can rely on us for on-call and emergency service or repair needs because we stock parts for all of our owned and leased vehicles. Parts are also available for purchase if a client prefers to have its own designated mechanic perform any service or repair.


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