Amini Roshandel Group - ARG

A Quality Response to your needs.


Our vision is to be Afghanistan's most customer-focused company. 

Each day we strive to build a sustainable business that meets our client's demands for excellence and quality through our services in engineering, construction, oil & gas, fire & safety equipment, security systems, consultancy, project management, information, technology, import & export, logistics & general trade. 

We are committed to provide professional education and training for our staff so that they can contribute more fully toward and for achieving common goals. 


At ARG, our mission is to provide the best services and deliver the best products possible. We intend to exceed clients expectations and thus create long-term partnerships based on trust and confidence in ARG. We accomplish this by maintaining reasonable and fixed prices; promoting quality products manufactured by reputable companies in the world; establishing clear communications with clients to ensure that we have a complete set of professional job requirements and understood well about the need before starting work on a project; and implementing a Value Added policy by performing after-sales service for all of our customers.

• To deliver substantial returns to shareholder;
• Fulfill our commitments to make a lasting contribution where we operate;
• To provide high quality services within the required time frame with reasonable prices;
• Customer satisfaction is ultimately the most important service we provide;
• To provide training and other assistance for the target sectors;
• Provide first class equipment services;
• Promote safety, security and quality control;
• Support human resource policies that are responsive to the changing needs of employees and management;
• Establish and sustain reputation as a preferred employer;
• Maintain a workplace culture in which there is mutual trust and respect, where all employees feel valued and are able to contribute their best efforts to achieve our mission and vision;
• Hire individuals who are best qualified for the position. We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of ethnic group, language, religion, gender or physical disability; and
• Support the professional development of employees through training and capacity building.

In achieving our objectives the following principles will help:

• Selectivity in choosing projects to ensure they match ARG priorities and capabilities;
• Effectively manage and complete all of projects to ensure client satisfaction;
• Manage financial assets to enhance ARG’s portfolio and support funding needs;
• Ensure the safety & Security of all operations and personnel;
• Minimize environmental impact;
• Achieve strong governance across all ARG activities and continue to build trust and reputation with all stakeholders and Clients; and
• Build a unified team with strong commercial, technical and financial skills and entrepreneurial flairs.

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